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Community Information, Property Manager, Estopple Requests
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NOTE: The following information is for Bay Hill Estates Phase I; the Preserve at Bay Hill Estates is a separate, independent community.  The link to their website is
The property manager for Bay Hill Estates (Phase I) is:
Wendy Pendergast
Capital Realty Advisors
600 Sandtree Drive
Suite 109
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33403
Wendy can be contacted at:
The Capital Realty Advisors website is:
If you need an estoppel (normally requested by a property closing or loan agent), please send your request to:
Jason Bolduc
If you use personal or bank checks, please send your payment to:
Bay Hill Property Owners Association, Inc
c/o Capital Realty Advisors # 486
PO Box 25016
Tampa, FL 33622-5016
On your check, write the account number 486-xxx.  The 'xxx' is your lot number.  For example, it might be 486-999 if your lot number is 999 (there is no lot number 999).  
You may also may pay on line, establish automatic payments or use a credit card; credit card payments require a fee to be paid by you for each payment (collected by the 3rd party provider of this service).  Capital Realty Advisors will provide information on using these payment options.

THE MAILBOXES are provided by The Beautiful Mailbox Company and are to property of the POA.  Repair of mailboxes is the responsibility of each homeowner.  If you have a problem please contact The Beautiful Mailbox Company

PGA NATIONAL OWNS THE ESTATES GOLF COURSE located in Bay Hill Estates, as well as others within the PGA National community.  Bay Hill Estates has no direct association with PGA National.  However, residents may join the various clubs that are part of PGA National.  For information contact the Member's Club at 561-627-1800.

HIGH DEFINITION CABLE TV AND HIGH SPEED INTERNET is provided to all residentsComcast is the service provider and will supply four TV receiver units and one wireless modem to each household.  

THE PRESERVE AT BAY HILL ESTATES was developed and built on land that is a part of the community.  The relationship of these communities confuses many people in the Preserve, known as phase 2  and Bay Hill Estates, which is phase 1.  Our Declaration considers the Preserve a sub-association and a full member of the Bay Hill Estates master association.  This arrangement is a little strange since the master association is also the governing body of Phase 1; normally, each community would be governed by a sub-association and be accountable to the master association.  In 2014 GL Homes, the builder of all the homes in the Preserve, worked out an agreement with Bay Hill Estates that strictly defines how the two associations would operate. The major requirements of the agreement are:

  • The two associations independently operate to manage the limited common property in each community.  The communities will not operate as a master and sub-association.
  • Bay Hill Estates, phase 1, is responsible for managing the general common property;  this is essentially, but not limited to, Bay Hill Drive, security facilities and community access control.
  • Bay Hill Estates independently sets the budget for the general common property with no required participation of the Preserve association.  The Preserve has the right to question items in the budget but the only requirement of Bay Hill Estates is to provide an explanation of any significant changes.
  • The Preserve pays 39.5 % of the cost for the general common property expenses as defined by the budget approved by the Bay Hill Estates Board of Directors.  This portion is determined by the relative number of lots in each community.
Click Clarification Agreement if you wish to read the agreement.

THE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY is responsible for the day-to-day operation of our community and is accountable to the Board of Directors and community property owners.  It is also its duty to collect approved assessments, penalties and for services performed for lot owners.  This includes charges for action needed to assure compliance with community standards and Rules and Regulations, such as removal of lawn debris that is not properly hauled away.  The Property Manager will mail invoices for quarterly maintenance fees.  If you are a new property owner you must contact the management company to establish proper records and billing procedures.  The budget, which is the basis for the quarterly maintenance fees, is approved at the annual membership meeting by a majority vote of members in good standing.

ASSESSMENT PAYMENTS AND LATE PAYMENT POLICIES  allow payment of the entire yearly fee in one payment at the beginning of the year or in quarterly payments due on the first day of January, April, July and October.  The Management Company will mail directly to the lot owner the quarterly statements prior to the due date for payment.  Please see the By-Laws in the Documents section for more information on payment rules and collection policies.

THE FRONT ENTRY GUARD HOUSE provides SECURITY by controlling access to the property.  The guard house is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The phone number is 561-775-3976

1.  Every lot owner and/or resident is required to fill out and keep current a NEW RESIDENT INFORMATION FORM which will identify your vehicles, residents, guests and service companies who are allowed automatic access without first calling you.  You must update this information when there are changes using a  SECURITY UPDATE form.  There are several convenient ways to do this.

2. A Vehicle Access Bar Code Sticker is required for each vehicle to enter through the resident gates.    Additionally, a front windshield sticker may be placed on the driver's side on the windshield of home owners. These stickers are provided by the guard house and must be applied by the Security Personnel.  Stickers are applied by security personnel upon submission of a new resident information or update form.

3. Access for guests or service personnel should be pre-authorized.  You may do this several convenient ways discussed in other areas of the website. If the guard house is not notified in advance the security officer on duty may, if workload allows, attempt to call you for entry permission.  If you cannot be reached admission will be denied.  If there is a traffic backup your guest entry may be denied. Please note you should register on this website if you are a resident so you can access all the information you  need.

ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS should have been provided to you by the seller of your property, the owner if you rent, or by the real estate agent at the close of escrow.  Copies of these documents can be obtained from the Property Manager.  Reference copies, not official, are available on the website on the Documents page.  Architectural Guidelines and application information is available on this website in the 'Welcome' area.

THE LAKES are for residents use only and are restricted to fishing and non-power boating.  Due to the presence of alligators due caution should be exercised and swimming is prohibited.

THE ROADS are the property of the Association and are for licensed vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts.  All golf carts need a Vehicle Sticker.  The speed limit throughout the community is 30 mph.

THE GOLF COURSE is private property and does not belong to the Association.  Only PGA personnel and their members and clients are allowed on the golf course.

TRASH COLLECTION scheduled changed starting the week of September 30, 2019.  The first pickup is scheduled for Monday and will include recycles, garbage and lawn debris.  The second will be on Thursday and is garbage only.   Palm Beach County recycles its trash, so please follow the rules and use approved trash cans and bins.  Bins may be obtained for no charge by calling 1-866-639-2467.  Trash will not be collected on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.  There are no ‘makeup’ trash collection days.  Please do not put your trash out earlier than 6 PM prior to the day of service.  Owner collected lawn debris may be put out after Saturday noon for pickup on Monday.  The amount of lawn debris that will be picked up is limited by the WM; contact them for information by calling 1-800-824-8472.  You may also contact the City of Palm Beach Gardens at 561-640-4000 who contracts with them.  If you use a lawn or landscaping service they must haul away all debris on the day of service.  If they do not you may be fined and charged a fee for a collection and haul away. 

POTABLE WATER SUPPLY is either well water or from a county water supply system installed in 2011. Homeowners had the option of continuing to use their well water or to connect to the county water system. 
There is a lien on all properties (connected to the system or not) which must be paid in full or paid in yearly installments over a 20 year period:  If the property is sold by the parities who owned the home at the time of installation, payment in full is required, even thought they may have elected to stay on well water.  
All homes in Bay Hill Estates Phase 1 use septic systems.  


Click this link to see the HISTORY OF BAY HILL ESTATES



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