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There are two home areas in the community.  The first, called Bay Hill Estates Phase 1 (BHE) is the originally platted development.   The second, The Preserve at Bay Hill Estates is Phase 2 (Preserve); they are the newer community and have their own home owners association.
The Association does not promote, list or offer homes for sale or lease.  If you are interested in purchasing a home here please contact your realtor for help. If you are executing a sale we request you contact our bookkeeper in our property manger office to acquire forms that need to be completed.  
SELLERS AND BUYERS must be aware that Florida state statute 720 requires specific disclosures by a seller to any purchaser must be made concerning property that is covered by a homeowners (or property owners) association; this is applicable to Bay Hill Estates properties.  Please CLICK ON THIS LINK to review that portion of the statute.
NEW RESIDENTS MUST REGISTER with Security to acquire unrestricted access to the communityThe requirements for home owners is the same for both BHE and The Preserve.  New Lessees in The Preserve are treated the same as owners, but candidate lessees in BHE have different requirements which must be executed by the BHE owner (or agent). 
NEW LESSEES IN BAY HILL ESTATES PHASE 1 MUST WORK THROUGH THE HOME OWNER TO BE APPROVED AND TO REGISTER WITH SECURITY FOR UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO THE COMMUNITY. If your interest is leasing, you are required to execute a contract with the owner and the owner is responsible for all aspects of the process.  A minimum lease is 120 days.  Lessee candidates may not submit any un-requested documents directly to the Property Owners Association. All new leases must be approved before moving into the community.  Security will not allow access to the property until after the lease is approved by the Association.  Application for approval of a new lessee is the responsibility of the property owner. A description of the process and a Lease Application is available by clicking THIS APPLICATION LINK.  The Lessee Security Registration form is to be submitted by the owner along with the Lease Application and is available by clicking on THIS LINK. If a homeowner wishes to extend an existing lease the form to use is available by clicking on THIS EXTENSION LINK
NEW OWNERS will be allowed access through the visitors gate if you show Security proof of ownership and a valid driver's license; if you are a new lessee in The Preserve you will be treated the same as a Preserve owner if you show a valid lease and your valid driver's license.  Security will issue a 7 day pass to new owners and Preserve Lessees while you complete the registration process and acquire access control stickers which will allow your vehicles to enter through the automatic resident gates.  You  may acquire a registration form by clicking on SECURITY REGISTRATION FORM (fillable on line), requesting a copy from the Property Manager or by picking one up at the security gates.  Drop off your completed form at the guardhouse along with a copy of the proof of ownership (or Preserve lease), a copy of the state registration form and the applicable fee for each of your vehicles that will be used by occupants to enter through the automatic resident gates.  BHE Phase 1 lessees will not be admitted without owner approval until their security registration is submitted to Security after approval by the Property Manager. Once you are registered, you may update your information at any time by use of an update form.  
There is considerable information on our website that is assessable to you if you need to learn more about us.   We encourage you to read about our history and urge you to read our governing documents.
There may be fees due to Bay Hill Estates Phase 1 Property Manager if you choose to buy a home. Also, there is a requirement to make a capital contribution in the amount of one quarter assessment at the time of closing. 
If you do purchase a home in Bay Hill Estates Phase 1, you must register with our Property Manager; please be sure your closing agent contacts the Property Manager for information and forms to use.  There may be registration requirements if you purchase a home in The Preserve at Bay Hill Estates and you should contact them for information.
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