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Any new construction, landscaping or external visible changes on a lot or to a home in Bay Hill Estates Phase 1 requires approval of the Architectural Review Committee before starting work.  Only current property owners may submit an application for ARC approval. Please click on the following links for important information:
Standards: This shows the requirements for your project to meet in order to acquire approval.  
The ARC Standards have been adopted and made available on this website.
Application process:  This is general information on how the process normally works.
Application: This is the form that must be submitted with all required information. You may fill it out online, print it out and fill it out by hand and email it to the Property Manager or ARC Chairman.  There are two ways you may submit the completed application:
1. For most requests that do not have large drawings or documents, i.e. roofing, painting, generator, landscaping, driveway modifications etc., the fastest and most reliable way is to scan in any supporting documents and send an email to the ARC Chairman and to the Property Manager, with all information, including the completed application.  Contact information for the ARC is provided via the navigation button "Committees" and the Property Manager navigation button.
2. For applications that have large drawings or large documents, complete the ARC application, print it out and attach all supporting documents.  Drop the application off at the BHE Property Manager's office.  Email the ARC Chair and the Property Manager making them aware of the package after you have dropped off the package.  Do not drop off plans at the guard house.
Please note this is not a requirement for homes in the Preserve at Bay Hill Estates.  They have an independent homeowner's association.  Please contact them for requirements in that community.
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